Get to know us BTS (Behind the Seasonings)

Ken and Heidi, Co-founders of Outside Table

You might say it began with a kitchen trailer, and a quest. In South Carolina, where food is religion, one father-son-son trio became obsessed with uncovering the holy grail: the perfect, all-purpose sauce. It would be smoky, tangy and sweet enough to be BBQ competition worthy, and most importantly, boldly elevate just about any dish. 

Give or take a couple of decades — and a few thousand bottles of ‘Sunday Sauce’ — and Outside Table was born. I (one of the aforementioned sons!) grew up and fell in love with fellow South Carolinian foodie, Heidi Hendrix, who similarly considered the kitchen a place to foster community. As we went West to California, we maintained our commitment to my dad’s secret sauce recipe, preserving the bold flavor profile of the original blend, but giving it a healthier and more contemporary flair. Eventually, our passion project became a full-time pursuit. Before long we were adding to our recipe repertoire, crafting our own range of seasonings to bring unforgettable flavor to all your favorite meals. 

Outside Table is not only a labor of love, but the result of a long-time love affair with food. Each Outside Table product is crafted with the freshest, all-organic ingredients of our California home, and simultaneously pays homage to our Carolina roots. Outside Table is a kitchen must-have to add delicious flair to (literally!) any dish, and bring delight to your table.

With best wishes from our kitchen to yours, 





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