Weekend BBQ


Our perfect all-in-one spice blend.  We carefully crafted this mix of organic ingredients to add a balanced kick of salt, smokey heat and sweetness to your favorite dishes.

Your New Favorite Recipe: Your new secret weapon for backyard cooking. Use as a rub on wings, steaks or even tofu before throwing them straight on the grill.

BBQ Bragging Rights: Sprinkle liberally over long cooks like ribs, pork, brisket or chicken before popping them in the smoker to get pitmaster perfect BBQ. 

Sweet Smokey Heat: Organic ingredients like paprika, chipotle and garlic add a punch to finishing off your favorite foods. Goes great on grilled corn, or homemade fries.

Product Details: 5 oz. jar; Gluten, soy and nut free; Certified organic; Free of preservatives and artificial flavors

Customer Reviews

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Eric R
"Kin I have sum?"

My son had already had dinner, but when I silently opened the ziplock bag and the smokey goodness wafted out, he promptly came sniffing from the other room like a labrador. “What’s that? Pulled pork? Where’d’ya get it? Kin I have sum?” (Dylan turns into an Appalachian Huck Finn when he gets around BBQ. And my Knoxville birthright rears its snaggle-toothed head.). Yes - it was pulled pork smoked with Weekend BBQ and finished with Sunday Sauce.

Then things got quiet and serious for a while. Just the sounds of forks scraping and sauce dipping. Analysis came during the second round (the one that gives you a stomach ache, but you do it anyway.) Level of smokiness, moistness, bark thickness and spiciness. Comparisons made to Uncle Marc’s pulled pork – the one he does overnight in the Palisades once a year. (This batch was unanimously determined better, but we can never tell Uncle Marc.) And the sauce, WOW. We started stressing out that there wouldn’t be enough to share – and there was about a third of a bottle left after that session. Might need to stock up again!

Stacy H.

Outside table is by far the most amazing and delicious sauce and spices we have ever had. My husband and I have used them on ribs which I crave constantly now because it’s THAT GOOD! They were great before but outside table has taken them to another whole dimension on our taste buds! The fennel on the salmon is amazing as well. We can’t get enough of outside table products! They’re truly THE BEST!

Its not just about delicious food.

Giving back has always been important to our family, and it’s just as important to our company. A portion of every sale will be donated to the Outside Table Community Fund. Learn more about the Fund’s current grantees.

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