Outside Table Discovery Set


Introduce rich, small-batch organic flavors to your kitchen with the Outside Table Discovery SetWe've spent time hand-crafting our sauce and seasonings so you don't have to. Sample our fresh, organic flavors, versatile enough to taste great on virtually any meat or veggie dish. This set makes the perfect gift for the beginner cook, seasoned home chef or avid grill master! 

Each Outside Table Discovery Set comes with:

  • Sunday Sauce (16 oz. bottle)
  • Everyday Herb (1 oz. jar)
  • Fennel Friday (1.5 oz. jar)
  • Weekend BBQ (1.5 oz. jar)

Our sets always ship free and include a sampling of our recipe favorites!   

Sunday Sauce is our organic flagship sauce for barbecue and beyond, layered with smoky tomato, tangy vinegar, and fiery pepper for satisfying heat with just enough sweet. Made from the BBQ competition recipe Ken’s dad hung his hat on, our bold Sunday Sauce is delicious on all things grilled, marinated, smoked or slow-cooked – but that’s just the beginning. Try it on your pizza, tacos, eggs, macaroni, meatloaf, and whatever else you’ve got cooking that could use some extra pepper and punch. 

Everyday Herb is a summery blend of salted garden herbs with a fiery chili pepper finish, made with organic thyme, oregano and cayenne. Use Everyday Herb as a light seasoning for fish, poultry and grilled vegetables or lay it on thick for a spicy “blackened” crust on steak and wings. You can also sprinkle it with abandon on homemade chips, fries, pizza and all things cheesy — or stir into your marinara to add zesty depth.

With fragrant wild fennel as its star ingredient, Friday Fennel's savory-sweet aromatic blend combines freshly ground organic fennel seeds, garlic, onion and a salt with a perfect pinch of sugar. As a light seasoning or thick crust, Friday Fennel’s nutty herbal finish makes it the perfect companion for mild fish like salmon, sea bass, halibut and shrimp. It’s also great with chicken, pork chops and roasted potatoes. 

Our signature organic Weekend BBQ blend brings a perfect balance of salt, spice, sweetness, and spark to your adventures behind the grill. You can use it as a rub on steak and wings, or as a flavorful finisher to dash over your BBQ before serving. For extra bragging rights, sprinkle liberally over long cooks like ribs, pork, brisket or chicken before popping them in the smoker. Bonus: it’s also great on tofu. 

All of our products are gluten free, soy and nut free and certified organic.

Check out our Outside Table recipes to learn how you can get the most out of your new Outside Table collection! 

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