Everything Bundle


Stock your panty for the holidays with the Everything Bundle

You told us you wanted to try every Outside Table flavor, so we created the Everything Bundle just for you! Your kitchen pantry and spice shelf will never be the same once you add our entire portfolio of small-batch, fresh organic flavors to the mix. There's no better time of year to have fresh, bold sauces and seasonings on hand for all of your holiday cooking. 

Treat your favorite home chef or grill master to the Everything Bundle for the holidays as well, and give them the gift of a fresh, flavorful new year! 

:: Updated with new products in November 2021 ::

Each Everything Bundle comes with:

  • Saturday Sweet (16 oz. bottle) *NEW*
  • Sunday Sauce (16 oz. bottle)
  • Simply SPG (5.5 oz. jar) *NEW*
  • Everyday Herb (3.2 oz. jar)
  • Fennel Friday (5 oz. jar)
  • Taco Tuesday (5 oz. jar)
  • Weekend BBQ (5 oz. jar)

Product Details: Gluten, soy and nut free; Certified organic; Free of preservatives and artificial flavors

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Buckner

Only open the SVG, and it is very vibrant, also open the fennel and it was acceptable. I thought I like this Sunday sauce better than Saturday, but this Saturday to me now is the clear winner.

Christy B
Ill be ordering my next batch soon!!!!

Anyone that knows me, knows I am like my father when it comes to cooking/grillin.... always mixing and adding and dumping! I cant just use ONE thing...because its never been that easy from a flavor standpoint. Enter Outside Table.... spices and sauce. All the flavors Ive used and some I havent in one jar of different yumminess. I challenged myself to use ONLY their Everyday Herb and Friday Fennel for my at home Covid date night with my hubby. Filets and Brussels sprouts. I (very hesitantly) coated the Filets in Everyday Spice (ONLY this- which was hard for me to do) and Brussels shaken in a ziplock with olive oil (for sticking purposes and crunch) and a generous coating of Friday Fennel spice (shaken not stirred__) and into the oven....OMG!!!! My friends please...you HAVE to try it for yourself!!! Friday Fennel spice is my new addiction!!

Bill N
one stop shop

love it all

Sanam F
Changed my cooking life!!

Wow, your spice blends and Sunday Sauce have changed my cooking life!! My husband is very thankful as well lol. Everything I am making is coming out so delicious and with such rich flavors. I am absolutely in love, and I am a big BBQ sauce fan and I am really loving your sauce as a marinade but also as a dipping sauce. Thank you 👌😊❤️
Just wanted to share and say thank you again!!! I am recommending these products to all my friends FYI..

Thanks so much Sanam! Can't wait to hear more about what you have been making!

Celina M
Beautiful and Balanced!

This sauce is absolutely delicious!! It's bold, bright, perfectly sweet and has a bit of a kick to keep all the flavors balanced. My kids enjoy it with chicken strips and on oven baked ribs and I enjoy knowing it is made with quality ingredients and with a care one can taste. The set is beautifully packaged and seems to elevate any meal. I'm back on the site to buy more!

Its not just about delicious food.

Giving back has always been important to our family, and it’s just as important to our company. A portion of every sale will be donated to the Outside Table Community Fund. Learn more about the Fund’s current grantees.

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