Everyday Herb


This light and summery all-in-one salted spice blend combines garden herbs like organic thyme and oregano with cayenne pepper for subtle flavor with a fiery chili pepper finish.

Add it to Almost Anything: Use Everyday Herb by itself as a light seasoning to add depth and heat to almost anything. It’s great on  fish, poultry and grilled vegetables.or use it to season your favorite marinara or tomato sauce.

Lay It On Thick: Use a generous amount of Everyday Herb on steaks or wings to create a thick “blackened” crust that is aromatic with a subtle spicy finish.

Skip the Salt and Pepper: Sprinkle on homemade chips, fries or pizza to add a zesty spice to your favorite foods.

Product Details: 3.2 oz. jar; Gluten, soy and nut free; Certified organic; Free of preservatives and artificial flavors

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cindy Woodcock
Great all-around herb mix

Perfect herb mix for chicken, fish, roasted veggies, and more!!

Glad to hear we followed through on the flavor!!

Danielle C
I am so addicted

I am so addicted to this herbaceous blend; it packs tons of flavor and has a little kick too which my husband loves!

Christy B
Ill be ordering my next batch soon!!!!

Anyone that knows me, knows I am like my father when it comes to cooking/grillin.... always mixing and adding and dumping! I cant just use ONE thing...because its never been that easy from a flavor standpoint. Enter Outside Table.... spices and sauce. All the flavors Ive used and some I havent in one jar of different yumminess. I challenged myself to use ONLY their Everyday Herb and Friday Fennel for my at home Covid date night with my hubby. Filets and Brussels sprouts. I (very hesitantly) coated the Filets in Everyday Spice (ONLY this- which was hard for me to do) and Brussels shaken in a ziplock with olive oil (for sticking purposes and crunch) and a generous coating of Friday Fennel spice (shaken not stirred__) and into the oven....OMG!!!! My friends please...you HAVE to try it for yourself!!! Friday Fennel spice is my new addiction!!

Stacy H.

Outside table is by far the most amazing and delicious sauce and spices we have ever had. My husband and I have used them on ribs which I crave constantly now because it’s THAT GOOD! They were great before but outside table has taken them to another whole dimension on our taste buds! The fennel on the salmon is amazing as well. We can’t get enough of outside table products! They’re truly THE BEST!

Its not just about delicious food.

Giving back has always been important to our family, and it’s just as important to our company. A portion of every sale will be donated to the Outside Table Community Fund. Learn more about the Fund’s current grantees.

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