Welcome to Outside Table, where we…

craft small batch sauces and seasonings from fresh, organic ingredients.

share our culinary traditions and invite you to create your own.

nurture our community and yours through powerful food experiences that give back.

take our time so you can add slow-cooked taste to your table in minutes.

push the boundaries of flavor to expand palettes and culinary horizons.

bottle our zest for good food to create warm memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

We hope you’ll join us at the table.


What We Believe...

At Outside Table, we believe in doing what's best for your health, our environment and our community. We are committed to: 

Organic freshness. Our products are certified organic, crafted from regionally-sourced ingredients. Made by hand in small batches without artificial preservatives, our products are meant to be enjoyed, not shelved!  

Sustainable packaging. We package our products in recyclable glass bottles and jars, and we always ship our products with materials that are friendly to the environment.  

Helping our community. Giving back has always been important to our family, and it’s just as important to our company. A portion of every sale will be donated to the Outside Table Community Fund, which distributes grants to non-profits working to drive economic advancement, improve access to education and advance social justice.