BBQ Bundle - Heat or Sweet?


Looking for the perfect pairing of sauce and spice for the grill? Look no further than our BBQ Bundle! Dust chicken, pork or veggies with our Weekend BBQ spice blend to give your cook the perfect base of salt, spice and sweetness.

Then, finish with either our flagship Sunday Sauce, layered with smoky tomato, tangy vinegar, and fiery pepper, or with our new Saturday Sweet which boasts a tangy blend of tomato and vinegar with a delightfully sweet twist. What's it going to be?  Do you go with the heat or the sweet? 

Each all-in-one, organic barbecue sauce is a family heirloom. We use only organic ingredients and flavors that pay tribute to our South Carolina roots while pushing culinary boundaries.

Pitmaster quality: Both sauces are perfect for the grill, smoker or slow cooker: Use it as a marinade or apply directly to cuts of beef, pork and poultry at the end of your cook. Enjoy true pitmaster flavor from the comfort of your kitchen or backyard.
Spicy (or not) just like you like it: Add spicy a kick to your favorite foods with Sunday Sauce, while our Saturday Sweet adds all that sweet zesty flavor without the heat.   They go great on everything from tacos to bbq to pizza.

Skip the Ketchup: Discover your new favorite dipping sauce for fries, chips, or even vegetables. 

Bundle Details: 16 oz. bottle of Sunday Sauce OR Saturday Sweet; a big 5 oz. jar of Weekend BBQ; Gluten, soy and nut free; Certified organic; Free of preservatives and artificial flavors.

"And the sauce, WOW. We started stressing out that there wouldn’t be enough to share – and there was about a third of a bottle left after that session. Might need to stock up again!"

-Eric R, Brentwood