With bold flavors from their South Carolina roots and the fresh organic ingredients of their California home, founders Ken and Heidi transformed a lifelong passion for cooking and community into a flavorful family business.

Outside Table Founders Ken Wimer & Heidi Hendrix

Cooking and community have always been connected for us – and being from South Carolina, we like our flavors bold. Schooled early in the art of southern hospitality, both our childhood homes were lively community hubs fueled by our parents’ passion for cooking and entertaining. We met in high school, married after college and our shared love of cooking grew alongside our partnership, connecting us more deeply to our friends, family and each other through the simple pleasures of delicious food.

The idea for Outside Table began with The Sauce – a multi-layered holy grail of smoke, pepper, vinegar, and just the right amount of sweetness. It was a barbecue sauce and an everything sauce, perfected in a converted kitchen trailer by Ken’s dad over countless professional BBQ competitions in the southeast. Ken, his father and brother started doing these competitions after his mother’s passing in an effort to keep the family connected and create new memories over spice blends and smoky grills. We always knew The Sauce was special, and we started bottling and selling it for fun after our long days in the corporate world, daydreaming about turning our passion project into a full-time job.

Twenty years, one cross-country move to California, and two amazing kids later, we’re doing just that. Outside Table is a labor of love, and the product of a lifetime of busy kitchens, crowded dining room tables and backyard barbecues. We’re absolutely thrilled to bring you the fantastic flavors of our Carolina roots, made in small batches from the fresh, organic ingredients of our California home. It is our sincere hope that these bold and versatile flavors give you a simple way to spice up virtually anything on your table!

We can’t wait to hear what you think! 

Ken & Heidi