Outside Table Gift Sets

Make Holiday Gifting Easy with an Outside Table Gift Set

Our unique handcrafted spice blends, made with fresh organic ingredients, bring bold, unexpected flavor and slow-cooked goodness to any meal in minutes.

Holiday gift giving doesn’t have to be a headache. Our gifting clients rely on us to seamlessly manage everything from packing your order to custom notes to managing your list and shipping your gifts to arrive on time.

Enjoy 20% off all group gift orders of 10+ placed by November 15. We’ll work with you to select a delivery window that meets your gifting needs.

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A few of our clients:

Its not just about delicious food.

Giving back has always been important to our family, and it’s just as important to our company. A portion of every sale will be donated to the Outside Table Community Fund. Learn more about the Fund’s current grantees.

Check out what our customers are saying

Enjoyed our rubs and sauce!

We have enjoyed our rubs and sauce since the day they arrived. Our maiden voyage was pulled pork, which turned into a weekend-long celebration. It started with a pulled-pork burrito and gradually made our way to brioche buns with all the usual fixings (highly recommend Bubbies spicy pickles). No matter how we used the pork, drizzled with that amazing sauceOMGso happy! Keep the sauce flowing


Outside table is by far the most amazing and delicious sauce and spices we have ever had. My husband and I have used them on ribs which I crave constantly now because it’s THAT GOOD! They were great before but outside table has taken them to another whole dimension on our taste buds! The fennel on the salmon is amazing as well. We can’t get enough of outside table products! They’re truly THE BEST!

The perfect gift!

We love love love OutsideTable. This Christmas I gifted all my siblings with the Discovery Set. The packaging is really gorgeous and and it gives you a bit of everything. The BBQ sauce is a staple in our home. We use it on tacos, eggs, sandwiches and all kinds of meats. It's smoky, zingy, has good kick and incredible depth. Honestly the best sauce out there. I'm a huge fan of the spice mixes as well but my favourite is the Friday Fennel. We used it recently on broiled salmon and it was mouth watering. My kids couldn't get enough! Thank you OutsideTable for being my go to perfect gift from now on XOXO


I love to cook. Grill or kitchen, I love them both. I also love to make my own sauces and herb mixes. It's ridiculously rare for me to consistently use a purchased sauce/herb mix.

Outside Table, however, has CHANGED. MY. LIFE.

Their stuff is that good. So good that I bought it for a variety of friends/colleagues and they each continue to email me with descriptions of how good the product is.

The herb mixes are extremely versatile. Fennel on salmon, shrimp, sausage. Everyday herb on chicken, eggs, pasta. The BBQ rub can pretty much be used on anything and everything. I put it on a scramble yesterday, and used it on a pork butt smoke over the weekend.

But it's the sauce that will change your life. This ain't no BBQ sauce. It is perhaps the most versatile sauce I've ever met... and I've met a lot of sauces. Not only is it insanely good on meat... but my mind was blown when I put it on pizza the other day (jalapeno pizza with the bbq sauce.. YUMMMMM). I eat it with air fries, I eat it with breakfast, I dip tortilla chips in it.

I hope I'm the first person to leave a review here, because when Outside Table is all the rage, I can say I left the first review.

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